Reiki & Spiritual Counseling

Combining Reiki with Spiritual Counseling, Crystals, Sound, and Essential Oils

Talking about what’s bothering you physically, emotionally, or financially, is one thing.

Making changes in your life to remedy your issues is another.

Energy fields around and within the body can cause you to feel depleted or ill. Reiki is a gentle touch energy transmission that raises the level of vibration in the body, recharging and re-balancing those energy fields. It assists in lowering stress, strengthening the immune system, and bringing deep relaxation.

Spiritual counseling can help you discover unwanted patterns that are limiting your happiness. When Reiki and spiritual counseling are combined they can create lasting emotional, cognitive, and physical change, from the inside out.

Anita uses other energy vibrational tools and modalities to enhance your energetic healing.

Crystals vibrate at different frequencies and influence your mind and body. Each crystal has its own healing power and gives support where needed. Anita intuitively uses crystals to amplify the benefits of your session.

Sound Healing
Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, bells, chimes and ambient music, are used to tune the body to a higher energetic frequency and bring balance to your body’s internal and external energy fields.

Essential Oils
Essential oils are an ancient modality that brings calm and transformation. It lends another sensual layer of energetic alignment.


  • Reiki & Spiritual Counseling Sessions take 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Distant healing is available.
  • Individual sessions are $150. A package of 3 is $285.
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Mindful Meditation followed by Tibetan and Crystal Sound Healing

7 -8:00 PM  February 15, 2018
1778 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT

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3040 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT

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