It is time to take a new perspective on life. So say the Archangels in this reading of Archangel Power Tarot cards. What are these perspectives? They are justice for all; claiming your personal power; doing what makes you satisfied in life; and finding solutions through forgiveness, patience, and objective compromise. They may all be new perspectives, or only one or two. Allow yourself to consider some changes in life.

Justice #8.

This eight card comes from the major arcana, which represents major life events. It is Justice. It is about standing up for what you know is right, or live with the results of your inaction. Archangel Raguel calls us to fight for justice and equality for all, particularly as our world changes in profound ways. This is not justice based on righteousness, which can be biased. Rather, this is justice based on fairness and integrity, equality and right action. It is a set of moral standards that pertains to each person equally. To believe in this type of justice means to hold every person accountable for their actions, regardless of their position in life. This is a card of empowerment that ensures when making good decisions, we will have justice on our side. When making poor decisions, it also offers a means of correction to right a situation. Call on Archangel Raguel when in a challenging situation with another person or persons, to help bring differences to a peaceful and harmonious resolution. For many people, this is a new perspective.

Seven of Gabriel.

Seven cards often bring about soul searching, a longing for more out of life. Archangel Gabriel encourages us to stand up for what we believe. This requires us to make sure we are always in our personal power and have confidence in ourselves. This may be a new perspective for many people who have been programmed to be conforming and agreeable, and not rock the boat. Gabriel is not proposing anarchy to achieve our goals, but rather know what we want to achieve, and go about it in a confident manner. Know that if we set our mind to do something for ourselves, as long as there is integrity and true belief in what we desire, we will prevail. Put away the doubt and lack of self confidence and stand your ground. Doubt and lack are from an old perspective. Change brings new results and growth, so work at it one step at a time. We can call on Archangel Gabriel when we need to take action.She is a helpful and supportive guide for accomplishing our goals.

Eight of Ariel.

Eight cards indicate progress and great activity in life. We can accomplish great things with a positive mindset. The number eight is powerful, representing self-fulfilling prophecies. Therefore, an optimistic outlook will encourage accomplishment, and a fearful one will likely manifest that which we fear. Archangel Ariel is urging us to look at our successes and build on them. She hopes to inspire us to trust in our inner knowing and use it to help us grow. It is a good time to consider new perspectives regarding what we wish to do with our lives and how we can accomplish them. Ariel represents the material world, so this card is about the material goals you wish to reach and the concrete steps you will use to attain them. Consider a change of jobs, or more education to improve your life.

Solutions #14.

This fourteen card comes from the major arcana as well. It is Solutions. Call on Archangel Zadkiel to help when a balanced point of view must be achieved. He emphasizes us the importance of objective compromise when seeking success with others. This may be a new perspective for those who are used to having their own way. He wishes us to understand, it is significant to have self-control and patience in order to move to compromise and success. Each person has his or her own perspective which requires modification in order to reach an agreement. To be successful, each should also be willing to find a solution that satisfies all parties. Diversity of thought can bring forth the strongest possible course of action. Sometimes, there must be forgiveness of a situation and a healing energy between each person before a compromise can be reached. In order to be satisfied, each person should feel respect from all others involved, so that he or she believes the solution came about in good faith for the highest good of all concerned collectively. We all must find solutions to problems. Finding appropriate compromise is an important aspect of everyday life.

The Archangels are always available to assist us in all aspects of our lives. Call on them when you need to resolve a problem. They will be happy to help.